Adriána Zbýňová

I am a Slovak mother tongue sworn translator with excellent Italian skills gained during my studies and throughout a sixteen-year-experience abroad in Italian speaking countries.

I am a magna cum laude graduate from Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia) where I studied Foreign Languages and Literatures (Major in Italian, Specialization in Translation).
I attended the course of Linguistic Mediation at Politecnico delle Lingue – Milan – Italy.

I have worked as a sworn translator registered in the Register of Experts, Interpreters and Translators kept by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic since 2018.

An expert team at your service

A.Z. Service s.r.o. is not a translation agency, but a free-lance who offers a set of services personally. You will have a single contact point for your projects.
As for language combinations that are not within my expertise, I have a team of trusted experts I’ve worked with, therefore I’m able to offer proven quality services for other European languages as well.

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